DSC00735_webThanks for stopping by Long Long Way to Tipperary!

I’m thrilled you’re here and look forward to sharing our story with you.  My family and I have always enjoyed traveling and we get out as much as we possibly can.  As soon as each of our girls were born we were off on a road trip as early as a few weeks later.  In 2011, we took our love for travel to the next level and hit the road full time for 18 months.  We are now back in our house but still take long, regular trips around the country.  What you’ll find here is our story about living in a camper full time while traveling the country.  You’ll learn about how full time RVing came to be a big part of our lives, and you’ll see each bumpy step has led to the next.

I’ll take you on a video tour through our full time RV rig and talk about the customizations that we’ve made to it.  I”ll post to the blog each new place we visit and provide RVing tips for anything from technology to laundry.

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We have a lot of fun on the road, and living in an RV presents a lot of unique opportunities to see places we may have never seen otherwise.  Watch the video below for a rundown of the places we’ve visited…and that was just in 2012!

Being on the road with three small children is pretty trying at times but it’s amazing the things we get to experience as a family.  We constantly learn more about ourselves and one another living in such tight quarters, but it’s these times that bring us closer together.  We enjoy the challenge full time RVing brings and change in scenery; especially when we escape the cold winters in our midwest hometown.

We’ve put our toes in the water on both sides of the country and swam with the manatees in the Gulf.  We’ve found fossils and earned Junior Ranger Badges in places we never thought we’d get to see.  Living in a camper isn’t very glamorous at times, but we really enjoy those big payoffs like reaching the top of Pike’s Peak, or clamming in Georgia.  The adventure changes daily and for that we are grateful.

We would love to hear about you and your travels, just please leave a comment.

Thanks for joining us on our journey….and safe travels!